Promoting the health of the land and its people.

Since 1979, the Kansas Rural Center has worked to advance an ecologically sound, diversified food and farming system. KRC helps farmers and ranchers implement alternative practices, enhance their natural resources, improve their livelihoods and support their rural communities. We also help farmers and citizens join together in growing opportunities for local and regional food.

We Believe That a Healthy Agriculture is:

  • Ecologically Sound.

    It recognizes all of life as a rich, diverse ecosystem, not disconnected parts.It preserves and improves our soil, water and air, and honors our fellow creatures.
  • Economically Viable.

    It supports those who grow our food with vibrant communities and plentiful options. It welcomes new farmers and ranchers who want to produce our food.
  • Socially Just.

    It nourishes all of the earth’s people in freedom from abuses of profit and power. It connects our rural and urban communities in our common destiny of sustaining the planet.
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  • Our Programs

    The Kansas Rural Center pursues research that advances our vision for the agriculture our future requires. We collaborate with university researchers to advance knowledge that will empower Kansas farmers and ranchers to adopt diversified farming systems, and we connect farmers and communities with research projects.

    Research Projects

    Since its earliest days counseling farmers who were struggling through the Farm Crisis, the Kansas Rural Center has provided education and information about practical farm management issues directly to farmers and ranchers. Through our practical farming education and outreach, we are helping change Kansas agriculture from the ground up.

    Education Initiatives

    Our advocacy work focuses not only on the producers of food and the practices they employ, but also on consumers and the health, safety, and availability of food for rural and urban citizens alike, including those with low or limited income. Our vision encompasses independent family farms, healthy rural communities, and a safe and healthy food supply for all, with increasing emphasis on local and regional food production supported by partnership between farmers and consumers.

    Advocacy Activities