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parents and kidsSince 1979, the Kansas Rural Center has been advocating for policies that support an ecologically sound, economically viable, and socially just agriculture. Our work focuses not only on how our food is produced, but also on consumers and the health, safety and availability of food to rural and urban citizens alike, including those with low or limited income. Our vision encompasses independent family farms, healthy rural communities, and a safe and healthy food supply for all, with increasing emphasis on local and regional food production supported by partnership between farmers and consumers. The public policy issues we are most concerned with at the state and federal farm policy level are: 8382929815_01c89347ae_b

  • Tying appropriate levels of government support to family farms in conservation practices and protection of natural resources;
  • Ensuring conservation of our natural resources to provide long term productivity and food security;
  • Adapting agriculture and food production to climate change and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels;
  • Providing rural development programs that build on the strengths and values found in rural Kansas;
  • Ensuring adequate and available supplies of good food for the most vulnerable in our society;
  • Encouraging the development of a local and regional food system;
  • Providing opportunity for the next generation of beginning farmers and entrepreneurs.

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Legislative & Policy Watch Weekly E-Reports Kansas CapitolKRC’s Legislative & Policy Watch provides weekly exclusive insider reports from Topeka during the State of Kansas Legislative Session, and updates and alerts on the development of federal policy, including the Farm Bill, throughout the year. KRC monitors the state legislature for decisions affecting a diversified agriculture, the environment, our natural resource base, rural communities, and our local and regional food systems. The weekly e-reports also provide about upcoming hearings, so constituents can contact legislators or attend. To receive KRC’s Legislative & Policy Watch Weekly E-Reports for the 2014 Kansas legislative session, please become a Friend of KRC.

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Washington DC  DC CapitolThe Kansas Rural Center is a founding member of the National Sustainable Agriculture (NSAC), a nationwide alliance of farm, rural and conservation groups, that together advocate for federal policies and programs that support long-term economic and environmental sustainability of agriculture, natural resources and rural communities. NSAC monitors and helps shape the debate and development of the next Farm Bill, and the implementation of Farm Bill programs, offering analysis and information via news releases, Action Alerts and other updates. NSAC Weekly Updates detailing developments are available at the NSAC website. KRC’s Legislative and Policy Watch Project works with NSAC to monitor federal farm bill issues, as well as monitor state legislative issues in Kansas. Visit the NSAC website