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Feeding Kansas titleFeeding Kansas: Statewide Farm & Food System Assessment with a Plan for Public Action

“Feeding Kansas” was produced by the Kansas Rural Center through its “Community Food Solutions” initiative, which seeks to advance the capacity of Kansas farms to feed Kansas people, potentially strengthening Kansas’s economy, community, environment, and health status.

The report and its recommendations for action and policy change are the product of more than a year spent engaging hundreds of individuals across Kansas in dialogue about current opportunities and barriers in the farm-to-fork food system, with a goal of making healthful foods the routine, easy choice for all Kansans.


Growing Under Cover: Guide to Polytunnel Options for Kansas Growers

“Growing Under Cover” reflects input from more than 60 experienced Kansas high tunnel growers. Polytunnels, such as high or low tunnels, offer growers innovative tools to extend the growing season, help reduce risk and increase yields, while mitigating extreme and “normal” Kansas weather conditions across all seasons. However, they also require significant financial investment, can be labor intensive to manage, and may be damaged or destroyed by extreme weather such as high winds, heavy snow, or hail.

“Growing Under Cover” offers practical information and resources to assist Kansas growers in avoiding common mistakes and tunnel disaster, in order to maximize their return on investment.

Rural Papers Newsletter


Rural Papers provides timely coverage of farm and food policy and environmental issues from a state and a national perspective, and offers analysis and commentary on developments in industrial agriculture, such as biotechnology and genetic engineering, corporate concentration, and industrial livestock production.

The Kansas Rural Center’s Rural Papers newsletter offers information on sustainable agricultural practices and highlights Kansas farmers who are utilizing these practices.

Information about upcoming conferences and events are included in each issue. Edited by KRC’s Executive Director, Mary Fund, the Rural Papers is published four times a year.  Subscribe today!

Legislative & Policy Watch Weekly E-Updates

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Through our Legislative & Policy Watch Weekly E-Updates, we provide exclusive reports from Topeka during the State of Kansas Legislative Session, and updates and alerts on the development of federal policy throughout the year. The weekly e-updates also provide information about upcoming hearings so that constituents can contact their legislators or attend the hearings in person.

KRC’s policy analysts monitor the state legislature for decisions affecting a diversified agriculture, the environment, our natural resource base, rural communities, and our local and regional food systems. Subscribe today!

River Friendly Farm Plan

The River-Friendly Farm Plan is a tool for self-assessment of an overall farming operation, published in 2002, authored by Rhonda Janke, then K-State Associate Professor and Extension Specialist and Dan Nagengast, then Executive Director of the Kansas Rural Center. The overall goal of the plan is protecting and improving water quality in RFF screenshotKansas. This plan is a workbook format that lets you assess how you are doing in various areas and create an action plan for corrections in areas that need attention.

The objectives of the River Friendly Farm Plan are to:

  • Help to define farm goals and strengthen progress towards goals.
  • Reduce costs in  the long term, if not in the short term.
  • Lead to improved quality of natural resources (soil, water, air) and be part of a good neighbor policy.
  • Improve quality of life for farmers and families.
  • Maintain confidentiality and farmer control over the process.


Farm Information and Management Guides

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NEW! Marketing guide for Kansas farms

The Kansas Rural Center is continually working to fulfill its mission to provide our farmers and ranchers with the latest education and information about alternatives in agriculture.  KRC’s guides provide practical guidance for our farm and ranch producers about topics including:

Print copies of most materials are available for shipping and handling costs by calling 866-579-5469.

In addition to KRC publications, we have a number of resources available from other sources and organizations, such as management guides, webinars, conference presentations and more, which can also be accessed by topic by following the links above.