Our Projects

KRC partners with organizations, agencies, companies and individuals across the state and country to provide the resources that farmers, ranchers, consumers and communities need to grow an ecological, diversified food and farming system. Our vision encompasses independent family farms, healthy rural communities, and a safe and healthy food supply for all, with increasing emphasis on local and regional food production supported by partnership between farmers and consumers.

Research Projects 8381150661_4ace494742_b

The Kansas Rural Center pursues research that advances our vision for a sustainable farm and food system. We collaborate with university researchers to advance knowledge that will empower Kansas farmers and ranchers to implement diversified ecological farming systems, and we connect farmers and communities with research projects.

7268306378_d7c39fd209_bEducation Initiatives

Since our earliest days counseling farmers who were struggling through the Farm Crisis, the Kansas Rural Center has provided education and information about practical farm management issues directly to farmers and ranchers. Through our practical farming education and outreach, we are helping transition Kansas agriculture from the ground up.

 Advocacy Activities

Our advocacy work focuses not only on the producers of food and the practices they employ, but also on consumers and the health, safety, and availability of food for rural and urban citizens alike, including those with low or limited income.


compressed_Lucinda & soil copyCurrent and Recent Projects

Past Projects

For more information about any of our resources or projects, please contact us at info@kansasruralcenter.org or 866-579-5469.