Farm Planning Resources

Kansas Rural Center Farm Planning Publications

Finding Your Niche: A Marketing Guide for Kansas Farms  –  Pricing can be both an art and a science. A complex array of variables confront producers when establishing product prices, including not just market supply and demand, but also personal values and the needs and desires of the target customer base. What farmers and ranchers charge for their products directly impacts their potential to meet goals and generate profit. Fortunately, setting the prices for your own products offers a fair degree of flexibility and adaptability to market or seasonal changes.

This resource, written by KRC, offers an entire chapter on how to price your products for direct and wholesale markets.  Included in this resource is a list of other resources you may look to.

Sustainable Agriculture Management Guides – The Kansas Rural Center has published a series of Management Guides on a variety of topics.
All can be downloaded in PDF format (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). Most have a very modest file size, but some are larger and may take a little time to download on a slow connection.

Beginning Farmer/Rancher Call Notes – “Pricing and Marketing in Local Food Markets”

Beginning Farmer and Ranch Call,  “Accessing Credit and Capital”    Note: Many more resources are linked in the call notes.


Additional Farm Planning Resources

The following list includes farm planning resources produced by organizations other than KRC.

Growing Farms:  Successful Whole Farm Management Planning Book  Think It! Write It! –   Oregon State University Extension Small Farms Program—Farm Products, what to charge: Marketing, Price, Calculating Costs, Strategy and Much More.   This resource also comes with a number of other listed resources you may use.

Beginning Farmer Resource – Farm Transitions ToolkitLand Stewardship Project and Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture

FSA Beginning Farmer Loans Overview.

AgStart Brochure:  Frontier Farm Credit.  

AgStart Application Information:  Frontier Farm Credit.

Custom Reports, United States Department of Agriculture—This site can be used to learn advertised prices of last week’s produce nationwide and by region.

Organic Price Report, Rodale Institute – This online tool allows visitors to compare organic and conventional prices for various types of produce.

Pricing Farm Products, Cornell University – This resource provides a breakdown of figuring out your costs and pricing for a profit.