Community Food Solutions for a Healthier Kansas – Advocacy Toolbox

Farmers Market DisplayFood is a community endeavor, and as the title of our project states, it’s the community that must ultimately join its farmers at the table to be part of the Kansas farm and food solutions.  The Feeding Kansas report is a road map for farmers, policy makers, and communities to chart a path forward that will yield the most successes, most quickly, in providing Kansans with an abundance of healthful food.8158608357_1b55165129_b

Tools may be needed along the way to help you succeed so KRC has provided the handy resources below to support you and your community’s efforts to strengthen our food and farm systems.    We will continue to add to this list as we grow and learn as well.  Thank you for joining us in this journey!

Feeding Kansas: Community Food Solutions Information

Resources to support your community food solutions efforts

Farms and Community Organizers