Community Food Solutions for a Healthier Kansas

KRC feeding Kansas logoIn July 2013, KRC joined four other organizations in a three-year Statewide Partnership aimed at identifying and advocating for public policy solutions that make healthful foods the routine, easy choice for all Kansans.  KRC’s initiative aims to identify and advance seven key public policy solutions to better incorporate Kansas farms into the supply chain thereby potentially improving Kansas’s economy, community, environment, and health status.

In the first year, hundreds of partners across the state, actively working on farm-to-fork solutions, helped KRC develop Feeding Kansas: Statewide Farm & Food System Assessment with a Plan for Public Action.  The plan identifies three specific goals and seven policy priorities for advancing the state’s farm and food system to more effectively feed and nourish Kansans.CFS Wordle KS_website

KRC will spend 2015 and 2016 working with a growing network of grassroots citizens and partners to advocate for the enactment of the public policy priorities set forth in the Feeding Kansas report.


How Can I Get Involved? 


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Be a part of a network of farmers, businesses, health professionals, and community members who are passionate about strengthening their communities farms and food systems.  You are an important voice that can support this work and take action that will make a big difference in advancing the recommendations made in the Feeding Kansas report.  To help you succeed, KRC will provide handy tools, news, and important legislative updates along the way.

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