Pollinators and Habitat Conservation

In November 2013, the Kansas Rural Center was awarded a $10,000 grant from the Elizabeth Schultz Environmental Fund to undertake a Pollinator Project designed to increase the number of bees and beekeepers, the quantity and quality of pollinator habitat, and access to locally-produced honey, in Douglas County, Kansas.

Pollinators play a critical role in maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem health and function, which are fundamental requirements for a sustainable farm and food system.  The Pollinator Project in Douglas County is serving as a pilot project for KRC for future pollinator and habitat conservation projects in other parts of the state.

For more information on KRC’s Elizabeth Schultz Environmental Fund Pollinator Project, including updates on workshops, the new beekeepers, and to access pollinator resource guides created as part of the project, please follow this link.

The Elizabeth Schultz Environmental Fund was created by retired University of Kansas professor, Elizabeth Schultz, to increase awareness and interest in the natural environment in Douglas County, Kansas.  The fund is administered through the Douglas County Community Foundation.